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Dumpster Diving Family

Just in time for Family Day, here is a video of a dumpster diving family, complete with children. Just their average “trashy afternoon”!

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What do you think of young people skipping – and not the kind you do on the playground – and would you consider going on a dumpster dive with family, especially including kids?

dumpster diving, dumpster diving family, dumpster dive, skipping, children, kids, family

Even the little one is getting involved. Precious!

Dumpster Diving Across America

Rob Greenfield went on a cross-country bike trip across America, and pretty much lived from dumpster diving. He dumpster dove 70% of his food!

dumpster diving, dumpster dove, skipping, freegan, rob greenfield, dumpster diving across america

“Boy is this dumpster a treasure chest!” – Rob Greenfield

Would you consider making a trip like this? If so, would you go full on freegan, or would you budget some money in for buying food?

You might want to check out this previous entry, which looks at the various barriers faced by people who would want to go skipping but are unable to. It really helps put stuff into perspective, and allows those of us who can and do dumpster dive to recognize it as the awesome privilege it is.

Dumpster Diving Video – Dumpster Divine

Dumpster Divine is a short dumpster diving video, created for a challenge by Outtayourbackpack

dumpster diving, dumpster diving video, video, dumpster divine, freegan, dumpster dive, skipping

It’s about a dumpster dive gone wrong. Watch it to see what not to do when skipping with friends, and what can happen if you do!

Do you have any rules when you go dumpster diving with friends? Some people have policies like:
* Share the haul. If there are four bananas and three people, each person should get at least one.
* If there’s an odd amount of something, be nice with the booty. If your friend really likes strawberries, let them have it, and they will give you something else or let you have the next batch of berries you find.
* If you take too much to eat, give it to non freegans or others you didn’t go dumpster diving with (I’d recommend telling them where you got it from, so they can make their own informed decision on whether to eat it or not)