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Bread and Bananas

While dumpster diving, I often come across a lot of excess food, but I personally have never seen anything like this.

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image from liberationorstarvation.tumblr.com taken while on a dumpster dive

The amount of food waste is super problematic. Imagine how much more of this dumpster full of bread and bananas would go to the landfill if it weren’t for the people who dumpster dove some of it.

Have you ever seen what you would consider beyond excessive amounts of waste? Take a picture of it and submit it. Corporations should be ashamed at creating this amount of stuff!

Dumpster Diving Across America

Rob Greenfield went on a cross-country bike trip across America, and pretty much lived from dumpster diving. He dumpster dove 70% of his food!

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“Boy is this dumpster a treasure chest!” – Rob Greenfield

Would you consider making a trip like this? If so, would you go full on freegan, or would you budget some money in for buying food?

You might want to check out this previous entry, which looks at the various barriers faced by people who would want to go skipping but are unable to. It really helps put stuff into perspective, and allows those of us who can and do dumpster dive to recognize it as the awesome privilege it is.

Dumpster Diving for Drink Cups

I’ve heard from multiple people that it’s common to dumpster dive paper cups from fast food places, which can be refilled at the soda station.

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While some of the people dumpster diving for drink cups from are unhoused, some of them do have money for a drink but would rather not give Coca Cola or Mc Donalds their money.

Would you go in the garbage to grab a cup for a pop? Would the fast food place the cup is from have any bearing on your decision? Would you stick your hand in the trash bin, or would you just take a cup that happened to be left on a table?

Dumpster Diving Video – Dumpster Divine

Dumpster Divine is a short dumpster diving video, created for a challenge by Outtayourbackpack

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It’s about a dumpster dive gone wrong. Watch it to see what not to do when skipping with friends, and what can happen if you do!

Do you have any rules when you go dumpster diving with friends? Some people have policies like:
* Share the haul. If there are four bananas and three people, each person should get at least one.
* If there’s an odd amount of something, be nice with the booty. If your friend really likes strawberries, let them have it, and they will give you something else or let you have the next batch of berries you find.
* If you take too much to eat, give it to non freegans or others you didn’t go dumpster diving with (I’d recommend telling them where you got it from, so they can make their own informed decision on whether to eat it or not)

Dumpster Diving Privilege

Lots of people go dumpster diving without really thinking about why others might not dumpster dive, beyond “they think it’s dirty” or “they have money”

There is privilege attached to dumpster diving, and weird-mcgee does a great job at showing that through the power of art.

Dumpster Diving, dumpster dive, Privilege, weird-mcgee

Tips for dumpster diving

Dumpster Diving, dumpster dive, Privilege, weird-mcgee

#1 – Be able bodied

Dumpster Diving, dumpster dive, Privilege, weird-mcgee

#2 – Don’t have mental health issues to do with cleanliness

Dumpster Diving, dumpster dive, Privilege, weird-mcgee

#3 – Don’t belong to a culture where eating such food is unacceptable

Dumpster Diving, dumpster dive, Privilege, weird-mcgee

#4 – Have the sort of job where it doesn’t matter if you’re arrested

Dumpster Diving, dumpster dive, Privilege, weird-mcgee

#5 – Have the class privilege to know you won’t be arrested

Dumpster Diving, dumpster dive, Privilege, weird-mcgee

#6 – Don’t have religious or health based dietary restrictions

Dumpster Diving, dumpster dive, Privilege, weird-mcgee

Go dumpster diving!

What do you think about this list of privileges attached to dumpster diving? Is this the first time you’ve really thought about this?

Dumpster Diving Article

This dumpster diving article talks about how it’s a tool to save money and the planet, in plain language that can benefit both people new to the practice as well as those of us who have already dove in.

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It does a great job of summing up the basics: Why it’s good to go binning, How to dumpster dive safely and where you will probably be most successful in getting free food (freegan or not!) and how to prepare the dumpster dove food.

If you have a friend, family member, neighbour, co-worker, or some friendly stranger on the street who wants to know more about skipping – other than this blog of course 🙂 – this is a really great link to give them.

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween. When you go out later this week be on the lookout for great treats, like pumpkins in the trash.

pumpkins in the trash, pumpkins in the garbage, wasting food

Do people throw out lots of pumpkins in the garbage in your area?

Wasting food that can be used as compost makes your garden sad 🙁

Composting pumpkin guts is a good alternative to just tossing them in the trash. Harvest some, and make food for your garden soil = food for next year for you, your neighbours, family and friends!