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Dumpster Diving Button

Show your love for dumpster diving with a dumpster diving button.

square button, dumpster diving button, dumpster dive, dumpster diver, dumpster diving pin-back button

This square button says “Dumpster Diver” with a heart pointing up to the dumpster diver wearing the  dumpster diving pin-back button.

Do you need a button maker and can’t find one on your dumpster dive runs? Get your own button maker from the fine folks at People Power Press. You won’t find anyone throwing out a button maker from them into the trash, so this is one thing you might need to actually buy!

Dumpster Diving Button

I thought it would be fun to make a dumpster diving button.

dumpster diving button, dumpster dive button, pin-back button

“High five! From one diver to another”

This pin-back button was made from this free online button making designer. Don’t think you can do art? Try this out! Do you want to make your own pin-back buttons? Check out People Power Press for button making supplies, as well as pre-made dumpster dive buttons.

Freegan Buttons

Freeganism and Dumpster Diving are commonly intertwined, since both are a way of removing yourself from consumerism and capitalism while fulfilling important needs such as eating. It’s also a way for people who do not want to economically support factory farming to still eat meat.

Here are some Freegan buttons:

freegan buttons, freegan pin-back buttons, freegan pinback buttons


Here are the links to buy these Freegan pin-back buttons:
I love Freegans

If you prefer to make your own buttons, you can get a button maker here.

Would you let people know you’re a freegan with a freegan pinback button? Do you prefer to keep your free way of getting food to yourself? Or, like me, do you prefer not to use labels?

– Dumpster Dan