Questionable Food

Wondering whether that food you found is okay to eat… or not?


Still Tasty has a comprehensive list of foods, with safety and shelf life information for each item, to help you tell whether you should grab it or leave it.

Personally, I find lots of food fine to eat after removing the wilted or black bits. Sometimes that means throwing out half a pepper, but that’s better than throwing out a whole pepper. I’ve observed a storekeeper sorting through baskets of berries to throw out the rotted ones, and the food being sold looks sometimes worse than stuff in the dumpster – so going behind the store may be the better option!

How do you decide what to toss or take? Have you ever had a nasty experience with food you found?

– Dumpster Dan

One thought on “Questionable Food

  1. Kristine

    one time i found a bag of bread and i thought it would be fine. brought it back to my dorm and after i ate a couple slices i saw the middle part was GREEN AND BLACK. EWWW!

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