Peanuts Poster – First Dumpster Dive!

This Peanuts poster was dumpster dove from someones workplace.

peanuts, poster, dumpster dove, dumpster diving, art

The person isn’t really into dumpster diving, but when they noticed this huge piece of art in the trash, they couldn’t resist. Instead of being in the bottom of a landfill, the Peanuts poster now hangs beautifully on their back fence.

Do you remember the first dumpster dive you did? Tell your story!

Dumpster Diving Animals

Dumpster diving animals aren’t just limited to humans.

These bears are going through the garbage – I wouldn’t want to get close to them!

dumpster diving animals, animals, bears, dumpster diving, dumpster dive, garbage


Here’s a couple raccoons getting some helpings from the best eats in the area!

raccoons, animals, Dumpster diving animals, dumpster dive, dumpster diving


Animals need to find food more than ever, so you might be more likely to encounter other critters while going on a dumpster dive in the winter. If you see one (or more) step back calmly and give them space. After all, they were there first, so it’s only fair 🙂

Dumpster Diving Video – Dumpster Divine

Dumpster Divine is a short dumpster diving video, created for a challenge by Outtayourbackpack

dumpster diving, dumpster diving video, video, dumpster divine, freegan, dumpster dive, skipping

It’s about a dumpster dive gone wrong. Watch it to see what not to do when skipping with friends, and what can happen if you do!

Do you have any rules when you go dumpster diving with friends? Some people have policies like:
* Share the haul. If there are four bananas and three people, each person should get at least one.
* If there’s an odd amount of something, be nice with the booty. If your friend really likes strawberries, let them have it, and they will give you something else or let you have the next batch of berries you find.
* If you take too much to eat, give it to non freegans or others you didn’t go dumpster diving with (I’d recommend telling them where you got it from, so they can make their own informed decision on whether to eat it or not)


This cardboard shelf was found on the side of the street. No dumpster diving required!

cardboard shelf, shelf, call of duty, dumpster diving, dumpster dove

It seems the store didn’t need the shelf anymore since the promotion for Call of Duty was over, but it found a second home at my friends place.

Got any dumpster dove treasures? Send us a picture and your story.

Dumpster Diving Comic

“Embarrassing Comics” came out with this dumpster diving comic – though you don’t really need to dive in when the stuff is sitting right on top.

dumpster diving, dumpster dive, garbage, embarrassing comics, comic, art

Lots of people including Seinfeld make fun of people who dumpster dive – but is dumpster diving really something to be embarrassed about?

I’ve found drinks, donuts and other brand new stuff sitting right on the top of the garbage. Have you found anything good on the top of a dumpster or can? Submit your story!


Dumpster Diving Fanfiction

Did you know that dumpster diving fanfiction was a thing? If you didn’t, I was among your ranks until recently.

Some are funny, like this one where “Luke goes dumpster diving aboard the Death Star and discovers the truth about his father” and others have a romantic or dramatic twist.

dumpster dive, dumpster diving, art

Next time you go on a dumpster dive, why not write a work of art about it? You and some friends could collaborate and make a zine!

Dumpster Diving Privilege

Lots of people go dumpster diving without really thinking about why others might not dumpster dive, beyond “they think it’s dirty” or “they have money”

There is privilege attached to dumpster diving, and weird-mcgee does a great job at showing that through the power of art.

Dumpster Diving, dumpster dive, Privilege, weird-mcgee

Tips for dumpster diving

Dumpster Diving, dumpster dive, Privilege, weird-mcgee

#1 – Be able bodied

Dumpster Diving, dumpster dive, Privilege, weird-mcgee

#2 – Don’t have mental health issues to do with cleanliness

Dumpster Diving, dumpster dive, Privilege, weird-mcgee

#3 – Don’t belong to a culture where eating such food is unacceptable

Dumpster Diving, dumpster dive, Privilege, weird-mcgee

#4 – Have the sort of job where it doesn’t matter if you’re arrested

Dumpster Diving, dumpster dive, Privilege, weird-mcgee

#5 – Have the class privilege to know you won’t be arrested

Dumpster Diving, dumpster dive, Privilege, weird-mcgee

#6 – Don’t have religious or health based dietary restrictions

Dumpster Diving, dumpster dive, Privilege, weird-mcgee

Go dumpster diving!

What do you think about this list of privileges attached to dumpster diving? Is this the first time you’ve really thought about this?