Freegan Lifestyle

Alex has been living the Freegan lifestyle for close to a decade.

To them, the philosophy is simple:
– How to D.I.Y or find what you need for free
– How to do this with the least amount of harm to the Earth and those living on it

freegan, freegan feast, dumpstered food

A freegan feast!

They say that they don’t have major problems with family members over their lifestyle – I’ve personally experienced family having issues with my dumpster diving, but I do feel it comes from a place of love and not judgement. People are taught that garbage is “bad” and they often don’t realize that most trash is perfectly fine, until they see a fridge full of produce which looks just like the stuff in their fridge which they purchased from the grocery.

I’ve yet to have my mother eat any dumpstered food, but she does acknowledge that the food looks good and I look healthier after getting more produce in my diet.

freegan, dumpstered food, freegan lifestyle

Have you been able to get your family to follow suit with your freeganism? Or at the other extreme, do you have to hide it from them; and if so, do you think there is any way to get them to embrace or at least tolerate your freegan lifestyle?

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