Dumpster Diving Story – Spiders on a Sofa

I was told another dumpster diving story. It’s technically not a binning story, since the item was found on the side of the road; but I thought it was interesting enough to post.

Someone picked up a sofa they found on garbage day, and they had a friend who was nice enough to let them put it in the back of their van to bring back to their home.

When they got in the back of the van they noticed something moving. Or more accurately, lots of something moving. They were spiders. And this person is terrified of spiders.

I’m not sure how this story ended, but I imagine the sofa went back onto the side of the street!


I understand many people are triggered by spiders, so here is a stock image of a spider web!

Out of all the animals you can encounter while dumpster diving, spiders aren’t the worst, but I would rather not come into contact with them.

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