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Dumpster Diving Button

Show your love for dumpster diving with a dumpster diving button.

square button, dumpster diving button, dumpster dive, dumpster diver, dumpster diving pin-back button

This square button says “Dumpster Diver” with a heart pointing up to the dumpster diver wearing the  dumpster diving pin-back button.

Do you need a button maker and can’t find one on your dumpster dive runs? Get your own button maker from the fine folks at People Power Press. You won’t find anyone throwing out a button maker from them into the trash, so this is one thing you might need to actually buy!

Dumpster Diving Family

Just in time for Family Day, here is a video of a dumpster diving family, complete with children. Just their average “trashy afternoon”!

dumpster diving, dumpster diving family, dumpster dive, skipping, children, kids, family

What do you think of young people skipping – and not the kind you do on the playground – and would you consider going on a dumpster dive with family, especially including kids?

dumpster diving, dumpster diving family, dumpster dive, skipping, children, kids, family

Even the little one is getting involved. Precious!

Bread and Bananas

While dumpster diving, I often come across a lot of excess food, but I personally have never seen anything like this.

bread, bananas, dumpster diving, dumpster dove, dumpster dive, food waste, liberationorstarvation

image from taken while on a dumpster dive

The amount of food waste is super problematic. Imagine how much more of this dumpster full of bread and bananas would go to the landfill if it weren’t for the people who dumpster dove some of it.

Have you ever seen what you would consider beyond excessive amounts of waste? Take a picture of it and submit it. Corporations should be ashamed at creating this amount of stuff!

Mom the Ebayer

Ths person, who calls herself Mom the Ebayer, drives around neighbourhoods and goes dumpster diving.

dumpster diving, dumpster dove, garbage, garbage bin, Mom the Ebayer

Her dumpster dove goods include brand new games, Cutco knives, designer shoes and bags.

It’s downright disgusting how much stuff people throw in the garbage bin instead of selling or donating it, but at least people like Mom the Ebayer are taking other peoples trash and turning it into treasure.

Dumpster Diving Across America

Rob Greenfield went on a cross-country bike trip across America, and pretty much lived from dumpster diving. He dumpster dove 70% of his food!

dumpster diving, dumpster dove, skipping, freegan, rob greenfield, dumpster diving across america

“Boy is this dumpster a treasure chest!” – Rob Greenfield

Would you consider making a trip like this? If so, would you go full on freegan, or would you budget some money in for buying food?

You might want to check out this previous entry, which looks at the various barriers faced by people who would want to go skipping but are unable to. It really helps put stuff into perspective, and allows those of us who can and do dumpster dive to recognize it as the awesome privilege it is.

Dumpster Diving for Drink Cups

I’ve heard from multiple people that it’s common to dumpster dive paper cups from fast food places, which can be refilled at the soda station.

pop, soda, drink, dumpster diving, dumpster dive, garbage, trash, drink cup

While some of the people dumpster diving for drink cups from are unhoused, some of them do have money for a drink but would rather not give Coca Cola or Mc Donalds their money.

Would you go in the garbage to grab a cup for a pop? Would the fast food place the cup is from have any bearing on your decision? Would you stick your hand in the trash bin, or would you just take a cup that happened to be left on a table?


Someone found what the describe as “his and hers scooters” – I personally don’t see a difference – while dumpster diving.

scooter, dumpter diving, dumpster dove, dumpster dove scooter, sports, recreation, garbage

dumpster dove scooters

Recreation items are really seasonal, with people tending to throw out stuff like snowboards at the end of winter and bikes when winter hits.

Have you found any sports stuff left out for garbage? Call it a second Christmas – and send us photos of your finds.