Dumpster Diving – Calgary, Alberta

Calgary tends to be overlooked, at least by people in Toronto, but there are dumpster divers all over Canada.


This article includes a video showing someone who found a whole tin full of bruschetta and over a bakers dozen worth of bread in a Calgary dumpster. He’s part of a collective called YYC Dumpstering, and explains how he started dumpster diving in this interview.

“The fact that it’s going to landfills instead of going to needy or hungry or homeless people, where it could be serving a lot better purpose; so I feel… that it’s disgusting.”

“Getting knee deep in garbage for a cause may be crazy, but he says he’s more put off by the waste.”

Does any Calgarian know what YCC stands for? I tried searching online but just got results for the airport.

– Dumpster Dan

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