Monthly Archives: October 2013

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween. When you go out later this week be on the lookout for great treats, like pumpkins in the trash.

pumpkins in the trash, pumpkins in the garbage, wasting food

Do people throw out lots of pumpkins in the garbage in your area?

Wasting food that can be used as compost makes your garden sad 🙁

Composting pumpkin guts is a good alternative to just tossing them in the trash. Harvest some, and make food for your garden soil = food for next year for you, your neighbours, family and friends!

Black Shoes

These black shoes (authentic Docs!) were found in an alleyway by the garbage bins. Wasn’t even on a dumpster diving run at the time! They are slightly too small, but otherwise perfect.

black shoes, docs, Dr Martens, dumpster dive, dumpster diving, dumpster dove

Dr Martens are expensive, so I wonder why these were left by the trash. Dumpser dove Docs are not a common find!

More dumpster dove shoes to be seen… later!

Cell Phone Cover

Someone found this cell phone cover while dumpster diving:

cell phone cover, mobile phone cover, dumpster dive, dumpster diving

Mobile phone cover, saved from the garbage compactor!

Thankfully it was something someone else wanted to end up in the trash, and not a phone accidentally lost while looking through the garbage. I’ve heard lots of unfortunate stories of people loosing their phone while dumpster diving.

Have you ever found a phone while on a dumpster dive? If so, what have you done?