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Dumpster diving is a mental disorder?

Dumpster diving is sometimes seen as a sign of mental illness. Though it is true some people who have experience with the mental health system dumpster dive, there are lots of people who dumpster dive.

It’s problematic to put dumpster diving – which is often seen as something “dirty” or “wrong” – alongside people who have been diagnosed with a mental disorder (which is another problematic term!)

What is truly “crazy” is how much stuff is wasted, and how people don’t see a problem with throwing out stuff that can be reused.

dumpster diving, oscar, oscar the grouch

I’m sure the DSMV could classify Oscar the Grouch as having a mental issue – He doesn’t just go dumpster diving; he lives in the dumpster!


Tis the season…?

When is “tis the season” for the best dumpster diving?

dumpster diving, dumpster diver, zoidberg, freegan

Zoidberg is a natural dumpster diver. He loves being a freegan cause it has the word free in it!

Do you have favourite food you tend to find at a certain time of year, like berries or apples? Is there food that you find goes bad more quickly in hotter months, like cheese? Winter is like a natural freezer!

Foundation Projects

Foundation Projects goes to different cities and takes found materials, then places them in a dumpster which is created into a home.

Foundation Projects, trash, street,

Trash on the side of the street = Treasure to someone else!

garbage dumpster, foundation projects

Garbage dumpster … soon to be a home.

Home sweet home!

The structure is not permanent like this dumpster home – but the project does help open peoples minds about what is considered a home, what we classify as trash, and what we can do to reduce waste of resources and space.