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Locked Dumpster

You’re dumpster diving and come across this:

lock, dumpster, locked dumpster, dumpster diving

Locked dumpster 🙁

What do you do when you see a lock on a dumpster?

Some people will break the lock or snap the chain, but others feel like if there is a lock they should just move onto another bin – sometimes because it’s too much trouble to unlock it, or they are worried about getting into trouble with the owners or the police.

I’ve personally never come across any food bin locked like in this image. The most secure bin I’ve seen has been tied up with rope and snap ties, which I was able to burn off with a lighter [NOT recommended. Scissors are preferable] All the food inside the bin was really rotted. I was disappointed, and also perplexed as to why someone would go to so much trouble to secure garbage.

Good luck for your dumpster diving finds!

Melon Smoothie – Vegan Smoothie!

It seems to be melon season…

So here is a Melon Smoothie recipe. Of course, what you put in your vegan smoothie may differ based on what you have or what you can dumpster dive.

* A few slices of watermelon and/or 1/4 of a cantaloupe
* Water, till it covers the fruit

Other fruit that is yummy to add:
* Pears
* Peaches
* Oranges

Make sure to add a banana to make it smooth!