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Banana Muffins

In the summer it’s common to find fruit in dumpsters, but sometimes it’s a bit past the Best Before date. Making banana muffins is an easy and compact way to use up bruised bananas… You may need to purchase some of these ingredients, but apart from the milk and eggs, you should be able to find them all at a bulk food store.


You’re going to make… what?!

What you need
– Several frozen bananas. The more ripe, the better!
– 1 1/2 cups flour
– 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1/2 cup white sugar (or use a bit more than 1/2 cup of just brown sugar)
– 3 tablespoons baking powder
– 2 cups milk
– 1 egg
– 3 tablespoons butter
– Fork
– Bowl
– Spoon
– Muffin tray
– Oven

What to do
– Preheat oven to 375 degrees
– Smash up the bananas in a bowl using a fork
– Add the dry ingredients and mix
– Add the wet ingredients and mix
– Lightly grease the muffin tray with olive oil or butter
– Scoop the mixture into the tray
– Place in oven and check after 10 minutes. Ovens vary, so you may need more time.

Spinach Smoothie

If you’re a picky eater like me, you may look into lots of dumpsters and say “Ewww… vegetables!” but if you want to find a way to use veggies and improve your diet, you can make a spinach smoothie.

spinach, veggies, vegetables

What you need
– Spinach
– Banana
– Berries
– Milk

What to do
– Put 1/4 to 1/2 cup of spinach in the blender. If you’ve frozen it you don’t need to measure as much, since it gets more compact.
– Fill the rest of the blender up with berries and a banana. These are strong flavoured fruits which will mask the taste of the spinach.
– Pour in the milk until it covers the fruit
– Blend!

Think Outside The Dumpster

I know this is the Dumpster Divers blog, but I think it’s important to think outside the dumpster.

dumpster diving, think outside the dumpster

What does this mean?

Think of what dumpster diving symbolizes for many people:
Reusing instead of recycling = Environmental sustainability
Not purchasing stuff = Circumventing capitalism

What are other ways you can bring the ethos of dumpster diving into your daily life?

Essay On Dumpster Diving

Lars Eighner wrote an essay On Dumpster Diving.

It may be summer break from school for some, but this really is worth a read. Here are some highlights:

“I like the frankness of the word scavenging, which I can hardly think of without picturing a big black snail on an aquarium wall. I live from the refuse of others. I am a scavenger. I think it a sound and honorable niche, although if I could I would naturally prefer to live the comfortable consumer life, perhaps – and only perhaps – as a slightly less wasteful consumer, owing to what I have learned as a scavenger”

“The land is now covered with cities. The cities are full of Dumpsters. If a member of the canine race is ever able to know what it is doing, then Lizbeth [their dog] knows that when we go around to the Dumpsters, we are hunting. I think of scavenging as a modern form of self-reliance”

They go into detail about the different types of food and other items they find and the safety of consuming them, but with a philosophical streak.

dumpster diving, book, trash

This hopefully will be a book you won’t want to trash!

Dumpster Diving Story – Spiders on a Sofa

I was told another dumpster diving story. It’s technically not a binning story, since the item was found on the side of the road; but I thought it was interesting enough to post.

Someone picked up a sofa they found on garbage day, and they had a friend who was nice enough to let them put it in the back of their van to bring back to their home.

When they got in the back of the van they noticed something moving. Or more accurately, lots of something moving. They were spiders. And this person is terrified of spiders.

I’m not sure how this story ended, but I imagine the sofa went back onto the side of the street!


I understand many people are triggered by spiders, so here is a stock image of a spider web!

Out of all the animals you can encounter while dumpster diving, spiders aren’t the worst, but I would rather not come into contact with them.